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Hair Follicle testing and other testing services available.

Our qualified technicians are trained to look for symptoms of drug use and signs of meth contamination that may be overlooked by the average eye

Hair follicle testing

This type of testing is often used for Child, Youth and Family (Oranga Tamariki) and social services cases. Testing for drugs in hair follicles shows longer history of drug use, so is often used where there are legal disputes and custody issues. It can also be used for potential pre-employment testing if required.

Vehicle testing

This type of meth testing is often used by insurance companies and some private owners. In cases where a car has been stolen and or there is suspected meth / p use in the vehicle.

Substance testing

Narcotic testing is often used when a suspicious substance is found, either in a property, a workplace or suspected use by a family member. If a suspected substance is found, we can test it to determine whether it is a drug substance or not.

Synthetic and designer drugs

Synthetic (zombie drug) cannabis and other synthetic / designer drugs are becoming more prevalent in society, if you suspect an employee or family member is taking synthetic drugs like, the zombie drug, K2, spice, bath salts, synthetic cannabis, magic mushrooms etc contact us to see what testing is available.

If you have any suspicions or concerns about possible drug use near you or your environment, give us a call to see what testing options are appropriate.