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How we test a property

We have very thorough testing methods to detect whether a property has been contaminated by meth / “P” use or manufacture.

New Standard (NZS 8510:2017)
In July 2017 Standards New Zealand published the NZS 8510:2017 Testing and decontamination of methamphetamine contaminated properties. The standard details the recommended decontamination level for high use areas (frequently used areas in a property) is 1.5µg/100cm²   Drug Testing Services confirms our meth testing methods are conducted in accordance with this new standard. After a stringent application process we have also been appointed as one of the approved providers for one of New Zealands biggest insurance companies.

Screening Assessment 
An IANZ accredited laboratory will analyse individual swabs taken from the property which will give a single composite test result. This result will give an indication of the levels of contamination in the home if any. These laboratory analysis levels can range from No contamination, Low, which could indicate smoking in the home, to High, which could indicate a methamphetamine laboratory in the property.

Detailed Assessment
A detailed assessment is undertaken when methamphetamine contamination has been identified on a property. This investigation includes, but is not limited to, taking laboratory swabs in every room / areas of the house. The results from this investigation will determine the levels of meth contamination. These levels give an indication of what method of decontamination should be used. A detailed report is provided with the results, levels of contamination (if any) and decontamination recommendations.
Drug Testing Services is not affiliated with or partnered with any decontamination company but can provide a few options of companies that do this type of work – we work independently to get the best outcomes for you.

Post De-contamination testing
Following decontamination of the property by an independent cleaning company, Drug Testing Services will sample in the areas cleaned. We will check that the meth contamination level of the property has been reduced to within the guideline of the standard NZS 8510:2017. If the results are outside the guidelines we will recommend further decontamination of the property.

Other types of testing: Drug Testing Services can also test for contamination in: soil, insulation, some furniture and possessions, indoor air quality, PH (surfaces) and heavy metals.

If you suspect a property may have meth contamination, give us a call to discuss what the options are. Meth testing is usually cheaper than you think (and definitely less expensive than the costs associated with buying or moving in to a contaminated property).