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Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

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Property Methamphetamine Testing

Mobile, discreet, 24/7
Drug testing In the Workplace

Workplace Testing

Specialists in Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing.

Available 24/7 with the use of our customised mobile vehicles for onsite testing.

Friendly teams that are enthusiastic, responsive and committed to providing our services in a professional and discreet manner at competitive prices.

Hair Follicle Testing

Hair Follicle Testing

Hair follicle drug testing is the most accurate way to identify drug use over a long period of time. it provides history and longer detection periods than any other drug testing method.

Since hair growth is fed by the bloodstream, drug metabolites taken are delivered into each hair strand via the bloodstream and embedded inside the hair shaft.


Drug and Alcohol Policy

Policy, Implementation & Education

Specialist staff can assist employers to develop and implement a comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Policy.

Management and staff education is an essential part of the process, ensuring staff and managers have a full understanding, that not only illicit drugs, but prescription and over the counter medications may result in a failed drug test.

Drug Testing Auckland

Property Contamination Testing Meth Testing / P Test

Home buyers and Landlords should safeguard their investments by having their properties pre purchase or pre and post tenancy meth /P tested for Methamphetamine contamination.

Trained testing technicians can provide level 1 laboratory screening assessments right up to a more comprehensive detailed assessment.

Drug Testing Services are available 24/7. Call us on 0800 DTS 800.

We can usually respond to urgent calls within 1 hour.
*Call out fees may apply.

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